Outreach Ministry

Mission  Statement
To provide a supportive learning environment for children, youth and adults through tutoring and academic enrichment programs.


The Grace and Resurrection Tutorial and ESL Academic Enrichment Program is a community based program located in the East Elmhurst section of Outreach MinistryQueens, New York. Our community is one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse cities in the US. We are aware of the many challenges our families face and are committed to supporting them, through education, to help them realize their dreams and aspirations. 

At the heart of our program, are the trusted relationships we have fostered with parents of children in need of tutoring, adults who need to learn English and families that need services beyond structured educational services. We work individually with families in order to determine their needs or aspirations in order to help them build a strong foundation, a sense of citizenship and agency through association and connection.

Our Program works in conjunction with local school administrators and follows the school curriculum. We understand that children’s developmental needs are complex and family stressors limit the time and attention that children may receive at home.  Our sessions are held during the school year as we follow the public school calendar.  We work with each child to help them realize their full potential by: 

  • Increasing their knowledge and understanding of academic subjects
  • Reinforcing the value of good study habits and daily routines
  • Cultivating a disciplined mindset 
  • Creating a nurturing environment  to increase their confidence and self-esteem through positive social experiences and healthy peer connectionsESL Students

We have incorporated a number of educational practices and fun events that help connect students to each other through their cultural and ethnic identities. We encourage and facilitate personal sharing and storytelling during holiday celebrations. We have allowed ESL students to use personal activities (for example adults who are practicing for the citizenship test) to participate and use classroom time for rehearsal and feedback. 

The majority of our students are of Hispanic and African-American descent.  We believe that it is only by being in close proximity with others that we have a chance at building up our beloved educational community. Through our personal outreach and community canvassing we are more effectively able to reach other populations and invite them to take advantage of our programs.

When we educate a young mind, we educate a community, which in turn educates the world.  The true Gospel is spread not in the physical confines of the church building, but on the outside. Jesus said, “Come follow me. I will make you fishers of men.” Matthew 4:19  hrough our program, each one will teach one.

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