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Muay Thai Classes


The goal of the martial arts and wellness programs are to provide children with an outlet for their creative energies, while instilling life-long skills such as confidence, self-discipline, respect, teamwork and cooperation. The program will instill a love for health & wellness and give them a means to defend themselves, if deemed necessary.

What is Muay Thai?
Muay Thai, (pronounced muueee tie) has been described as one of the most effective striking arts in history. Kickboxing, on the other hand, often confused with Muay Thai, is a combat sport that uses punches and kicks as its main tool.
Although Muay Thai shares some similarities with Kickboxing, it is a separate martial art with its own culture, history, and lineage. Muay Thai is known as the "Art of 8 Limbs.” In Muay Thai, the body becomes your weapon for attack or self-defense. The 8 limbs are 2 punches, 2 kicks, 2 knees and 2 elbows.

Muay Thai Class
The Muay Thai class is a healthy and fun way for your children to expend their energies. The children will learn effective Muay Thai techniques in a safe environment (which can be virtual or in-person). Our programs provide children with an effective way to defend themselves, while increasing confidence, self-discipline, focus and respect. 

This class will provide children with Muay Thai techniques in a safe & effective manner. The class offers an effective way for the kids to build confidence and  defend themselves.
The classes help children increase health, confidence, self-discipline, focus, all while having fun.  We encourage self-confidence and leadership in our classes. 

Program Details:
Our classes include warm-up exercises, stretching, technique breakdown, self-defense, strength training plus fun learning games. 

  • Group classes are offered for children ages 4-15years old. 
  • The classes are 1 hour long.
  • Children should wear appropriate workout attire. For in-person classes, no shoes are allowed on the mats.
  • The children will learn Muay Thai, boxing, self-defense techniques and general physical conditioning. 

Through games and different activities, the class teaches balance, skills and conceptual ideas such as:


  • Listening and processing commands
  • Following directions 
  • Discipline and Respect
  • Learning counting, difference between right and left, etc. 
  • Learning names of techniques and combinations. 

The class follows the following format: 

  • Game and warmup 
  • Practice technique and shadow boxing 
  • Instructor holds the pads for the kids to practice technique(s) 
  • 2nd game (optional) 
  • Conditioning and cool down 

John Cumper. The owner and founder of Life is Hard. Fighting is Easy LLC.
“I am also a husband, and father to an amazing son (He is 5, going on 30) and beautiful baby girl. 

I have a huge passion for martial arts, yoga, fitness and wellness. It is my honor and privilege to work with the Church of Grace & Resurrection to bring Yoga and Martial Arts to the community.

I have been in martial arts since I was about 7 years old. I have practiced in several types including: Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Muay Thai. I have my black belt in Tae Kwon Do and I am a certified instructor in Muay Thai.
 I have 17 years of experience in Muay Thai, including 10 years of teaching the art.”

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